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BINHE group, majoring in real estate with over 1,000 employees, is an integrated company that contains several areas, including construction &installation, property guarantee, financial service, estate management, international trade, cultural tourism, ecological agriculture and liquor brewing.

There are 13 sub companies, including China BINHE Investment Holding Incorporated Company, Hebei BINHE Real Estate Development Incorporated Company, which possesses the first grade qualification of the state real estate development, BINHE Construction & Installation Engineering Incorporated Company, which has the first grade qualification of building construction engineering in general and also public lists in Tianjin Equity Transaction Bureau. Hebei XINGTAI Wine Incorporated Company, Hebei ZE LIANG Agriculture Incorporated Company, Hebei SZI Culture Transmission Incorporated Company, Heibei SHANBAO Import & Export Trade Incorporated Company, Hebei XINGTAI Land Consolidation Incorporated Company, SHUDE Property Service Incorporated Company, Xingtai city, BINHE Small Loan Co.,Ltd.,Xingtai County.

BINHE group always makes honest and virtue as its business concepts, devoting itself to making great works for cities in history. The group successively invests RMB 10 billion in developing and constructing many high grade buildings, such as Zhi Jing Community, Torch Building, Bin He Community, Bin Yuan Community, Bin He Apartment, Bin He Youth Community, Bin He Shang Pin, Nan Gong Bin He Community, Ji Ze Bin He South and North Community, and Sui Yuan Community. In 2008, we putted out unreasonable returning service concept for the first time, which was deeply approved by house owners. On December of the year, we went abroad to cooperate and develop building projects with South Sudan government, Africa, which was a great leap in our history since establish.

Social responsibility is the basis of and also a source power for a company’s exist and sustainable development. In 1999, we contributed over RMB600,000 to build New era Plaza ,Xingtai vanity project and RMB1,000,000 to govern and reform little yellow river, Popular Project. In 2003, we made 1,200 square meters shop buildings into National Security Education Center, which equals to a million in the market. We devoted RMB 3,000,000 to Nangong Vocational Center in 2008, RMB 12,000,000 to the court of Ningjin County in 2009, RMB 25,000,000 to Jize county in 2010.We have paid over RMB130,000,000 taxes those years.

Cultural construction makes the spirit of a company. Since October2006, we have insisted in Chinese traditional education. We have systematiclearned Confucianism classics, including Di Zi Gui, the Great Learning, Golden Mean, Meng Zi,the Analects of Confucius,which purified our staff’s soul and also obtained attractive achievements in enterprise cultural building.

In face of new historic opportunity and challenge, we insist in diversification operation strategy, continuously speeding up to the international market, opening wide to the global market, and turning us into an international, normalization and industrial cluster group.

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Address:  NO.998, Gong Yuan east street, Xing Tai, Hebei Province