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achievements were great. If you are kind, this will enable you to employ the services of others.

History of BINHE

  • 1994  Invest 500,000 to establish Xingtai BINHE Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd.

  • 1994  For the first time to develop Zhi Jing Community

  • 1996  Develop and construct BinHe Community

  • 1996  Develop and construct Torch Building

  • 1997  Found Party Branch in BINHE group

  • 1997  The first private enterprise to take endowment insurance for its staff in Xingtai City

  • 1998  Found BINHE Property Service Company

  • 1998  Put out unreasonable returning service concept for the first time in Xingtai real estate industry

  • 1998  Develop and build Bin Yuan Community

  • 1999 Found BINHE Construction & Installation Company

  • 1999 Develop and build Nan Xiao Wang Bin He commercial and residential building

  • 2001  Found Xingtai Bin He Europeanism component factory

  • 2001  Open Bin Yuan natatorium

  • 2002 Found Hebei BINHE Real Estate Development Incorporated company

  • 2002  Found Xingtai BINHE Property Bonding Company

  • 2002  Develop and build Ping An Community

  • 2002  Found Hebei BINHE Real Estate people’s armed force department

  • 2002  Buy 337 acre lands in east street of Park to develop and build Bin HeYouth Community

  • 2003  Found Party Committee in Hebei BINHE Real Estate Company

  • 2003  Dong Jingwei, municipal party secretary of Xingtai visited Bin Yuan Community

  • 2003  Bai Keming, Secretary of Heibei Party Committee visited Bin Yuan Community

  • 2003  Wang Dengming, vise director of the Political Department of Hebei, visited National Security Education Center and speaks highly of our achievements.

  • 2003  Found Aged People Gym Center in Bin He Community

  • 2003  The National Security Education Center of first Xingtai private enterprise opened in BINHE company.

  • 2003 The Armed force department of BINHE Real Estate Company was awarded the honorary title of Hebei militia grassroots advanced construction unit by People’s Government of Hebei Province and Hebei Province military region.

  • 2003  We investedmoney on construct east street of Park, which opened a new page for private company in using its own money to paving road.

  • 2004  Found Consumer complaints station and 12315 connection station

  • 2003  Bin He Youth Community Cup writing contest awarding ceremony was held in BINHE Building.

  • 2003  BINHE company together with Niu Cheng Evening News to hold Bin He Property Cup Writing Contest.

  • 2003  Wang Dengming, deputy director of the Political Department of the PLA, and Wang Yanfei,deputy secretary of the Central Military Commission in Hebei province, visited and inspected BINHE National Security Education Center.

  • 2006  We started to learn Di Zi Gui and Confucian culture.

  • 2006  Qing Qing Community swimming pool started its business.

  • 2007  The Project of Nan Gong Bin He Homelandwas signed.

  • 2007  The project of Ji Ze Bin He South Community laid a foundation

  • 2007  The Inspiration of Di Zi Gui, Perception of College Life, series culture book of Bin He company, were printed.

  • 2008  The project of Nan Gong Bin He Community laid a foundation.

  • 2008  The project of Nan Gong Bin He Community started its business.

  • 2008  Go abroad to develop projects in South Su Dan in Africa

  • 2009  The project of Bin He Shang Pin Community laid a foundation.

  • 2009  The third book of Bin He enterprise culture—Perception of Golden mean was published.

  • 2009  The project of Bin He Shang Pin Community startedits business.

  • 2009  The project of Ji Ze Bin He North Community laid a foundation.

  • 2009  The project of Ji Ze Bin He North Community ran its business.

  • 2010  Implement Di Zi Gui within the company.

  • 2010  The project of Ji Ze Sui Yuan Community laid a foundation.

  • 2010  Print BINHE culture series books -- Di Zi Gui(Standards for being a good student and child),24 stories of filial piety, and gave out them for free.

  • 2010  The project of the Second Ji Ze Bin He North Community ran its business.

  • 2010  Ningjin commercial and residential building opened its business.

  • 2010  Bin He Wresting Club successfully held the first wresting performance contest in Ji Ze.

  • 2011  The Leadership visited to Ukraine and inspect some projects.

  • 2011  The Leadership visited several countries in the Middle East, attended Eastern Europe Economic and Trade Forum and reached many intents during the visits.

  • 2011  Found Branch Company of Bin He in Cangzhou

  • 2011  The First Ji Ze Bin He North Community deliveried houses smoothly.

  • 2011  Awarded as advanced foundation Party organization.

  • 2011  Found BINHE small loan company in Xingtai.

  • 2011  Apprised as Honest enterprise in Heibei.

  • 2012  We formally signed cooperative contract with Xingtai Fu Gang wine Co.,Ltd.

  • 2012  Sign a contract with Gold Tian Yuan Plant specialty cooperative organization

  • 2012  Sign a formal contract on ShengShan project.

  • 2012  Sign a formal contract with Xingtai Da Zheng Chemical Co.,Ltd.

  • 2012  BINHE Construction & Installation Engineering Incorporated Company public listed in Tianjin Equity Transaction Bureau.

  • 2013  Engage experts in Decision and Consultation Committee.

  • 2013  Hold BINHE group major project mobilization meeting.

  • 2013  Start informationmanagement in all aspects.

  • 2013  Hold a conference to announce organization set-up in group

  • 2013  BINHE group formally established

  • 2013  Fo Tang Gou project was signed successfully on the international trade negotiation conference in Langfang,China

  • 2013  BINHE group held the meeting to start new place of XINGTAI Wine.

  • 2013  BINHE Construction & Installation Engineering Incorporated Company becamethe first grade qualification of building construction engineering in general.

  • 2013  BINHE group held the first Customer Communication Meeting.

  • 2014  Public lecture week, holding by the Xingzhou Women’s Federation to celebrate on Woman’s Day, was started in BINHE group.

  • 2014  Zhangye, vice director of school of architecture and design, Beijing Jiaotong University, visited BINHE group and instructs on enterprise VI design and usage.

  • 2014  Hebei SZI Culture Transmission Incorporated Company held overall planning seminar on Fo Tang Gou culture and health ancient town project.

  • 2014  We organized our staff to receive physical examination in Spring.

  • 2014  Start the second stage learning of Seven Habits of Highly Effective Executives.

  • 2014  Bin He small loan company in Xingtai provided help to poverty children.

  • 2014  We inherited filial piety to take money and encourage our employees to travel with their parents.

  • 2014  Meeting on brand marketing strategy cooperation is holding by BINHE group Hebei Xingtai Wine Co.,Ltd.

  • 2014  We joined in Collect with the thousands rescuing activities

  • 2014  Staff of Quxian Sen Xin Forstry Co.,ltd in Sichuan made a business trip to BINHE group.

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