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SHUNDE Mansion Restoration Project ,invested RMB1.3 billion by Hebei BINHE Real Estate Development Incorporated Company, was confirmed as key project in Xingtai city. SHUNDE Mansion was the name of Xingtai in Yuan, Ming and Qing Dyansty adminstration orginization system . In order to show the city’s long history and elevate its culture brand value, BINHE Group spent huge money on rebuilding the Mansion.The project was based on building Qing Feng Tower and reconstructed the Mansion on its former address, while gradually recovering orginal mansion appearance, including Yi Men, Xiang Zi Temple, Qin Min Hall,Yang Chun Hall and Six Ministries of Joseon. It will help to make toutism system in Xingtai and make great contrbution to Xing Xiang Culture.

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Tel:  0319-5908988
Address:  NO.998, Gong Yuan east street, Xing Tai, Hebei Province