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Leader Speech

Cui Zhanqin, borned in 1954, coming from Jize County of Xingtai city, is the vice president of Hebei House and Real Estate Association, and also the 12th and 13th NPC member in Xingtai, the 12th member of the Xingtai CPPC in 2013, President of Xingtai Real Estate Entrepreneur Association, vice president of Xingtai Industrial& Economic League. He has the honor to continuously win the title of excellent member of the Communist Party in high-tech development area, Xingtai excellent member of the Communist Party, elitist in non-public sectors of the economy endowed by Hebei Personal Bureau, excellent member of NPC in Xingtai, top-notch person with professional skill in Qiao Xi area of Xingtai, advanced individual in Xingtai urban construction and advanced individual in national group education.

Cui Zhanqin went in for work in his 15, and held many posts, such as shop manager, director of infrastructure department and factory director. In 1994, he self financed to establish the first incorporated real estate enterprise in Xingtai by his work experience in foundation construction. He is an honest, sharp thinking, broad view and boldly innovation person, who has invested over RMB100,000,000 to successfully develop and build many modern humanity communities, such as Torch Building, Bin He Community, Bin Yuan Community, Bin He Department and Bin He Youth Community.

While Bin He Qing Qing Community was appraised as Hebei top 10 energy saving building by Heibei Construction Bureau, quality building and favorite house by Hebei branch of China Construction Bank. Under his lead, the company has developed to be a large science and technology collectivization group, business in real estate development, property management, construction & installation and investment adviser. It is commented as province and city around abiding by contracts and keeping its words enterprise, excellent real estate development company, AAA credit unit in Chinese construction industry, Hebei credit excellent company, Hebei sincerity company.

As an entrepreneur, Cui Zhanqin has earned enough money but never forgets to return to society. From 1999 to 2008, he devoted large amount of money to public welfare projects. On May 2010, he printed Bin He culture series books -- Di Zi Gui(Standards for being a good student and child),24 stories of filial piety, and gave out them for free. On March 2012, Inspiration of Di Zi Gui, Perception of College Life were printed and free issued in society.

Cui Zhanqin cares about his employees, taking endowment insurance for them, and his company becomes the first private company did that thing; He is companionate his subordinates, visiting and regarding those who has lost his or her family members and taking out about RMB40,000 as subsidy; He is enthusiastic about public benefit activities, donating money to poverty students in the remote mountain areas and leading to contribute money to Sichuan Disaster Area.

Grateful for favors received. Cui Zhanqin never forgets to return fellows in his country. In 2007, in order to increase living standards and step up construction, he invested 50,000,000 into build Ji Ze Hotel, Bin He South Community, Bin He North Community, and Sui Yuan Community, which made his dream that return fellows and benefit people come ture.

In 2010, in order to improve and stimulate market, he devote RMB30,000,000 to support convenient service center built in Ji Ze county. He is an innovation and improvement man who always does things ahead others. In 2008, in face of international finance crisis, he braved enough to go aboard to construct and develop projects in South Su Dan in Africa, which made his company become the first real estate company in Hebei that extended its business into the global market. Although we are in the top peak, we should make further progress. At present, Cui Zhanqin is leading the BINHE company, the bellwether in Xingtai real estate industry, which struggles to make new brilliant in the market.

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