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Sophiaculture Corp. Ltd. is a subsidiary with independent legal person of BINHE Group, covering businesses of production and distribution of radio broadcast program, newspaper, magazine and commercials, conference, exhibition, market service, advertisement in medias of light box, panels along streets and façade of buildings, planning of large-scale events, PR activities, performance, image creation of cooperate, marketing service, dealing of art work and sports ware,management of tourism sight, social economy consultant, art agent, culture property and tourism development.

Ancient Town of Fotang Gou located at the mid-range of Mount Taihang is the major project of culture tourism developed by Sophiaculture. Covering an area of 3000 mu and located at an average altitude of 600 meters, the project is a site of multiple functions including vocation accommodation, religion, culture, Chinese study, restaurants, entertainment, conference and training. With a unique covering of temples of three Chinese religions, the site boasts a significant group of ancient buildings with traditional Chinese features mixed by modern facilities such as star hotels, conference centers and health promoting centers, meeting the various requirements of every visitor. It has been listed in the 31 Major Projects of Hebei Province during the 30th Lang Fang International Economic and Trade Conference on May 18th, 2013.

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BINHE Group:
Tel:  0319-5908988
Address:  NO.998, Gong Yuan east street, Xing Tai, Hebei Province